NowPlayingNashville: Celebrating 10 Years of Where to Go and What to Do

NowPlayingNashville: Celebrating 10 Years of Where to Go and What to Do

Group News posted in on 17 August 2017| comments
audience: The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee | last updated: 18 August 2017

In 2005 and 2006, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee convened a conversation about the extraordinary support our community had shown in creating and supporting the Arts.

Those present -- which included Susan Simons, Jack Bovender, Nelson Andrews, Howard Stringer, Judy Liff Barker, Cathy Jackson, Kitty Moon Emery, Steve Turner, Pat Embry, Kerry Graham and Denise Alper — acknowledged the fact, however, that the Arts were vulnerable to the changing fortunes of the untimely deaths of benefactors, or the ever-possible fluctuation of political will to support the Arts.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee knew how lucky we had been and saw the need to cushion any future calamity by helping arts organizations create income streams which could be sustained. After extended conversation about different opportunities which could be created, in late summer 2007 The Community Foundation launched the nonprofit website

Its mission was threefold:

1) “Butts in Seats” — Building traffic and ticket sales for area arts and entertainment organizations;

2) “Heads in Beds” — Promoting Middle Tennessee as a cultural tourism destination;

3) “Economic Development” — Recruiting employers and talented employees to the region.

Think back: Ten years ago, virtually no one ventured downtown. Downtown hosted a fraction of the attractions and nightlife now available, and relatively few people lived there. No one had heard the term “app,” and few of us thought of cellphones as an informational lifeline. The media landscape — both social media and traditional print and broadcast media  — looked far different than it had.

A decade later, though much has changed, NowPlayingNashville’s commitment to the community has never wavered.

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, NowPlayingNashville remains the only comprehensive events site in Middle Tennessee. You can go to one site and see a vast array of events to fit every budget and every interest and passion, and buy tickets on that very same site.

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